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Version : 0.0
Tested up to : wordpress mu 1.5.1 or wordpress 2.5.1
Number of download : 2719
Author : BjornW
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This plugin will attempt to convert a wordpress or wordpress mu database with content in whatever character set to utf8. It uses the information provided by this guide on the wordpress codex site. Before using this plugin it is mandatory to have a working and recent backup of your database. If anything goes wrong you will need this! Keep in mind that this plugin has been tested thoroughly for wordpress mu, but only minimaly for wordpress. Please contact me if you encounter any issues with WordPress, patches are always welcome. The plugin performs the following steps. First it will show you all of the tables within the database used by wordpress or wordpress mu. Between the brackets it shows the current character set. The plugin allows you to uncheck tables you do not want to convert to UTF8. Unless you know what you’re doing it is advised to convert the complete wordpress (mu) database to UTF8. After you have selected the tables for conversion and pressed the button convert columns to binary counterparts for checked tables the plugin will go through all tables and look for columns of the type: char, varchar, tinytext, text, mediumtext, longtext, enum and set. Columns of these types will be converted to their binary counterparts according the list below: char –> binary varchar –> varbinary tinytext –> tinyblob text –> blob mediumtext –> mediumblob longtext –> longblob As you might have noticed the column types enum and set are not changed to a different type, instead the plugin will set those columns character set to binary. The next step is setting all selected tables to the UTF8 character set (the plugin uses collation utf8_general_ci by default). Third, the plugin will set the database’s default character set to UTF8. Finally the plugin will switch all the columns back from their binary to their original types. Now you should have a database converted to UTF8. Note: Development for this plugin is made possible by VPRO Digitaal and started after encountering numerous solutions including other plugins and none providing a 100% workable solution. If you need any help with this plugin, do not hesistate to contact me. My company is available for hire 😉

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