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Example To get a list of the most recent articles on this site about “Cool Sites”, I simply type the code [cattagart cool-sites] into the page editor. That’s it. Installation Unzip the download file and upload the category-tag-article-list.php file (it’s the only file there) to your WordPress plugins directory. Activate the CatTagArt plugin, and decide on your settings. Options Settings The settings for CatTagArt are pretty straightforward and can be accessed under the “Settings” tab of your WordPress dashboard Number of posts to list–the number of most recent posts to list when the plugin is used Auto-generate headings–either let CatTagArt generate the heading based on the label corresponding to the slug or provide it yourself. Create a link for “more” articles in a category or tag–this is an extra item added to the list that links to the category or tag you’ve referenced with the slug. Specify text for more articles–change the text for the setting above.

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